The Femme Fatale of Funk


"Being taught by Leah Hinchcliff is one of my most favorable experiences.  She makes music available in wonderous ways!  Take a lesson from her as soon as you can"  Camille Solyagua  Bass

"Lessons are always fun with Leah.  I used to not know anything on guitar, but now I'm playing the songs I enjoy listening to on my Ipod.  She's a great, funny, teacher who always listens to you, plus we share the same birthday!"  Nick, 12  Guitar, 3 years

"Leah Hinchcliff is the Femme Fatale of Funk"  The Olympian

"You've got to be the funkiest woman on two feet...thanks for bringing the funk with Soul Vac tonight!"  Les Hutchinson, Portland Drummer

"She is definitely the funkiest bass player I've seen in the entire country in the past 2 years!  I'm also a bassist and can tend to be more critical than most people about how a band sounds, but I was more than humbled by her playing." Pat Ferris, Hot Band

"Leah Hinchcliff is the embodiment of coolness.  Smart, funny and incredibly talented! I love hearing her play!!!"  Lynette Jensen,
 Education Center Director, Beacock Music




school of music offers a variety of Classes and Workshops, at different levels, for different ages, to help you   on your way to full Rockability.

With co-founder Nick O'Donnell, ROCK U was created to bring the group experience to everyone that wants to be in a real band.  Every class culminates in a public performance.

Classes available for kids and adults.

for more info:

Hey Kids, Let's put on a show!


The Bylines @ Portland Piano

Portland Piano

Dynamic Duo, Reece Marshburn and Marianna Thielen with me and John Moak on trombone. Sweet!


ROCK U kids rock band performance

The fall kid's rock band class is finally ready to strut their stuff.