Learn How To Play or Improve your skills!

Leah Hinchcliff is an accomplished performer and teacher and has been playing the bass and guitar and piano for over 25 years.  She teaches lessons and coaches jazz combos to the cool kids at Portland Public Schools.  She teaches bass, guitar, piano and ukulele at her private home studio and with  the eclectic and exciting teaching staff at Beacock Music.  And now Leah offers group classes at ROCK U. 

ROCK U is Leah's music school co-founded with amazing musician and all around cool person, Nick O'Donnell.

www.rockurocks.com for more info.

Leah loves to teach people of all ages while focusing on the music each individual is most interested in learning.

She is a  graduate of Portland State University where she earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance on Bass. Leah graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude) and was also the recipient of a Laurel Scholarship for professionalism and leadership. She has studied with Andre St. James, Glen Moore, Dan Schulte, Jeff Leonard, Charley Gray and Darrell Grant.

Leah can teach you how to play most styles with an emphasis on musicality, including theory, technique, improvisation, songwriting and any song you want to learn.
In addition to these musical skills she can help you focus on correct body mechanics while playing utilizing a technique called Body Mapping.

Whether you are just starting to play BASS, GUITAR, PIANO, OR UKULELE or have been playing for years, lessons can help to concentrate your existing skills, and work on new ones.

Some areas of  Leah's teaching expertise:

*learning a new instrument
*learning new musical styles
*how to groove -- reading rhythms/playing rhythms/counting
*scales/modes/exotic scales
*ear training
*music theory/jazz theory
*sight reading
*music interpretation
*musical performance skills
(skills on performing solo or with others in a band/ensemble)
*correct body mechanics while playing

References are available from current and past students.
for lessons please email:  Leah@leahhinchcliff.com